Project Finance

Service: Assist clients with all aspects related to financing for the advancement of projects through to production.

Multiple Funding Solutions

Our aim is simple, help our clients advance their projects to production. Our approach to helping clients achieve production is comprehensive and includes all aspects related to the financing of the project. Endeavour Financial utilizes as many different funding sources as are available to ensure a successful finance with the best terms and pricing available for our clients. We work to minimise the time, costs and risks to the client while maximising debt capacity and corporate flexibility.

Our team has experience across various funding sources including but not limited to:
  • Commercial Banks
  • Development Banks
  • Export/Import Agencies
  • Metal Loans
  • Offtake Finance
  • Vendor/Equipment Finance
  • State-Owned Enterprises
  • Bonds
  • Capital Markets
  • Convertibles
  • Multi-lateral Institutions
  • Private Equity
  • JV Partners

Endeavour has experience with a wide array of financiers to the natural resource sector and has successfully arranged many different debt and project finance structures to fund mine development. Combinations of financing sources are possible but intercreditor arrangements are important and can be difficult to manage. Our team has the ability to run a competitive process between alternate strategic partners and assists clients by managing the entire process. We work with the company to structure and arrange a financing package that aligns with the short and long term goals of our clients. Our in depth experience with each type of financing vehicle allows us to put together a funding solution which best matches our clients needs.

Detailed Project Finance Experience

Ancillary Financing Support

Endeavour works alongside the client throughout the entire funding process from start to finish. Our team is highly experienced in all ancillary issues relating to financing such as the negotiation of project contracts, financial modelling and government negotiations. We offer a full service advisory approach leveraging our knowledge to provide a complete range of transaction expertise to get the the right deal, and get it closed.

A typical Endeavour approach to a project finance mandate would consist of the following:
Borrower team due diligence

(Agree financial objectives, Risk analysis, Technical review - "is the FS a BFS?", Models/scenario analysis, Legal due diligence, Equipment/procurement packages, Advice on JV arrangements)

Financing Preparation

(Information Memorandum, Detailed Financial Modelling, Term Sheet, Independent Engineer's report, Contingency and cost overrun planning)

Financier Selection

(Beauty parade (price; balance sheet; track record; hedging; team/ability), Negotiate roles, tranches and term sheet)

Approval Processes

(Lender credit preparation, Sensitivity Analysis, Disclosure/consultation period, Mandate letters, Risk approvals)

Contract Documentation

(Third party agreements (including government), Investment/JV agreements, EPCM contracts)

Finance Documentation

(Negotiate loan documents, Project contracts)


(Paper the deal, Complete CPs, Get client to first drawdown/investment)

Project Finance Case Studies